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Bed and Breakfast in Montesilvano

Have you decided to book your holidays in a B&B Montesilvano but you don’t know the area and you don’t know what to do and where to visit? Below you can find a small guide for those who want to holiday in a Bed & Breakfast Montesilvano without knowing the sites and marvels hidden by this small corner of Abruzzo.

Montesilvano is located on the coast of Abruzzo, only a few minutes by car from the city of Pescara, with which it creates a single urban conglomerate. Montesilvano is divided into two areas, Montesilvano Hill, whose historical center is still rich of medieval secrets, and Montesilvano Marina which is more recently developed and thus modern.

How to reach Montesilvano

Montesilvano is easily reachable with all modes of transportation.

By plane it is only 11 km (7 miles) from the airport of Pescara; from there you can take a bus which will take you to your destination.

By car from the highway A14. If you arrive from the north, take the exit for Pescara Nord / Città Sant’Angelo, then follow the SS16 for Montesilvano. If you arrive from the south, take the exit for Pescara Ovest / Chieti, then follow the SS16 for Montesilvano.

By train from Pescara the local trains stop at the Montesilvano station, or you can take a train to Pescara and then take a bus which takes you to Montesilvano.

What to do and where to go in Montesilvano

If you chose to stay in a B&B Montesilvano, you will certainly spend the majority of your time on the beach sunbathing, but if the weather is against you, you can go take a tour in the historical center of the city, where you can admire that which remains of this splendid medieval town: the church “Chiesa della Madonna della Neve” (13th century) and the church of “Carmine” (15th century). In the railway station the museum of trains displays three different locomotives including a vapor locomotive and an old freight wagon as well as other pieces from the early 1900s. As an alternative you can visit Pescara, only a few minutes by car from Montesilvano and physically, the city adjacent to Montesilvano. In Pescara very little of the old city remains, mainly as a result of War War II, but there are plenty of galleries, small parts of the old city, bars and traditional Italian restaurants (trattorie) one next to the other. There is also the ponte del Mare (bridge of the Sea) which is a recently constructed modern engineering wonder which fascinates tourists and non. If the city sites were not enough, few words can describe the outdoor visits to the Gran Sasso mountain: the beauty of Abruzzo is that in just one hour of car you can change scenario from the sea to the mountain where you can visit old villages hanging on the mountain side, taste local products, take long walks immersed in nature and much more.

If you want to book your holiday in Bed & Breakfast Montesilvano, click here!

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